Netflix is making 'Squid Game' reality show with huge cash prize

Netflix's "Squid Game" is leaving the realm of fiction and heading to reality. Seriously. 

Netflix announced on Tuesday a forthcoming reality series, "Squid Game: The Challenge," which will take inspiration from the series "Squid Game."

According to Netflix, the series will have the biggest cast and lump sum prize money in reality TV history: 456 contestants and $4.56 million, respectively.

The competition will feature games inspired by the original show, plus "surprising new additions.

"Challenge" will take its inspiration from a rather more twisted competition from Netflix's blockbuster South Korean drama, which was recently officially renewed for a second season. 

In the series impoverished and indebted people were maliciously recruited for a series of children's games where the stakes were life and death.

The sole survivor and winner of the games would receive 45.6 billion Won (roughly $35 million).

The series featured children's games from South Korean culture, including a version of red light, green light, a game in which contestants tried to scrape shapes out of dalgona candy with a needle, tug of war and the squid game. 

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