Is Zendaya Pregnant?

ZENDAYA PREGNANT is trending on twitter, so you must be wondering.. is the actress really pregnant?

Zendaya is NOT pregnant.

A Twitter thread shared the post of a TikTok user that had posted a fake picture of Zendaya

This isn't whenever that hypotheses first about Zendaya's pregnancy have surfaced on the web.

A changed picture of the 25-year-old entertainer became famous online in January 2022 as it portrayed her parading a child stomach at an honorary pathway occasion.

The rumours were unfounded, and neither Zendaya nor her actor boyfriend Tom Holland responded to the false news.

Tom Holland, however, expressed his desire to become a father in a December 2021 interview with People magazine.

“I like children. I can’t wait to be a father – I can and will wait, but I can’t! If I’m at a wedding or a party, I’m always hanging out at the kids’ table”, said the actor.

Netizens React

“If Zendaya is pregnant this is my last day on earth”,